Voodoo aspects of Sandy Hook never discussed before

For those out there who understand the diabolical forces at work behind the satanic sacrifice known as Sandy Hook, you may be more on the mark than you realize.
I was a career civil servant in the White House. I put 20 years in. I retired last month and now am living abroad.
On Dec 14, 2011, I was in the White House as Obama was receiving a delegation from Africa. It was a group from Kenya and they were shamans of some sort. It was my job to bring them to the waiting room where the President met them. After I brought them, I was dismissed.
Later that day, I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers who was very bothered about something she had seen. Without knowing that a meeting was taking place, she walked into the room and witnessed what appeared to be a religious ritual of some sort appearing to be some kind of African voodoo. She said that on a carpet–pitch black–were many dolls made out to be children and adults. She could not give an accurate count, but said there were as many as 20, maybe more. She said that in the few seconds she was there, she saw the shaman and an assistant of his chanting and dancing in a circle around the dolls and who would reach into a burlap bag he had strapped over his shoulder and would take out bullets and drop them on the dolls, sprinkling them like rain drops.
Not only were the president and the first lady present, but so was the Gov. Of Connecticut, Daniel Malloy.
I waited until I got out and left the country to talk about this. I am sure that it was some type of voodoo ceremony that was taking place and I am sure it was related to SH, because the date of it I DISTINCTLY remember–Dec 14, 2011, which is my mom’s birthday.
Do with this what you wish, but I WILL NOT discuss it over the phone with ANYONE.
Something dark indeed has taken over this country.

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